INF/KRAFT Fellowships

The INF/Kraft Fellowships are short- and medium-term awards to developing country nationals.  The short-term fellowships facilitate participation in international meetings, conferences, and workshops in the areas of nutrition and health, while medium-term fellowships allow for more extended training of emerging scientists in the areas of nutrition and food science, including internships at Kraft Foods in Chicago, IL. 

Conferences attended by scientists who received short-term INF/Kraft Fellowships include:


  • Asia Pacific Workshop on Raising the Profile of Nutrition, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • The 18th International Congress of Nutrition (ICN), Durban, South Africa
  • First meeting of the African Graduate Student Network, a satellite meeting to the ICN


  • The 1st World Congress of Public Health Nutrition, Barcelona, Spain
  • The 14th Latin American Congress on Nutrition (SLAN 2006) and Latin American Leadership Skills Workshop for Young Professionals (IV Taller de Entrenamiento para Futuros Líderes de Nutrición para América Latina), Florianópolis, Brazil


  • The 10th Asian Congress of Nutrition and Pre-Congress Workshop on Institutional Research Capacity Strengthening, Taipei, Taiwan
  • The 7th International Food Data Conference, Sao Paulo, Brazil


  • The 3rd Africa Nutritional Epidemiology Conference (ANEC), Cairo, Egypt

“This congress…was a great chance to enhance the discussion between participants, to show the new advances in the public health nutrition and to promote the interchange between researchers. [It brought] me a different point of view about nutrition and public health and the priorities in research in this field around the world. This…was my first international congress abroad. The chance to exchange experiences with different people from around the world is significant and adds a new point of view to me.”

Ana Carolina de Feldenheimer da Silva
Department of Nutrition, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Received an INF/Kraft Fellowship to attend the 1st World Congress of Public Health Nutrition, held in Barcelona, Spain (September 28-30, 2006)


  • The 19th International Congress of Nutrition (ICN), Bangkok, Thailand, 4-9 October 2009 (Click here to see a photo from the ICN on our news page)